Friday, June 20, 2014

And now for the kiss of the wind,
And the touch of the air’s soft hands,
With the rest from strife and the heat of life,
With the freedom of lakes and lands.

Excerpt from Paul Laurence Dunbar


Valentine is closed for the summer and will reopen September 12 with 
David Brody
Cindy Tower
Liz Ainslie

Friday, April 18, 2014

“It Ain’t What You Make It's What Makes You Do It”

Opening at Valentine

Friday April 25 from 6-9


The center piece of this exhibit will be

Dennis Oppenheim’s, Theme for a Major Hit, from 1974,

This is a nod and a tribute to Dennis from artists who knew him, worked with him or were touched in some way by his work. The artists included are

Mark Esper, Jon Kessler, Jeffrey Allen Price Jude Tallichet and Mary Ziegler